A.When choosing hose,please pay attention to the followings:
  • Working Environment:Working temperature,weather,and the connection with other materials;
  • Conveyable Matter:Liquid,gases,solid,or the mixture of above matters;
  • Convey Ways:Delivery matter under the pressure,delivery and suction under vacuum;
  • Working Condition:The pressure and temperature for conveying matter,Use frequency,impulse and movements;
  • Installation:Bending,vibration of the system,the risk of damaged caused by hitting and friction,application of the right connecting mode.
B.The is a limited life for hose assembly;please pay attention that the followings would reduce the hose useful life:
  • Make the bend radius smaller than the min bend radius.
  • Twisting,stretching,weld line,squeeze or corrode the hose.
  • To be used exceeded max temperature or lower the min temperature;
  • TO be used exceeded the impulse pressure of the max working pressure(the impulse pressure means the rapid rise of pressure).
  • The quality of fitting is not up to the standard and assembling is not well.
  • Hose assembly is in use, or in the joint pulling away from the blasting joint out within 25mm, should not be regarded as the quality problem of the hose, and the joint quality of tooling quality. The rubber cracking temperature and the use of time, there is a certain relationship between the environment, spray paint, nitro for oil the paint will accelerate the cracking in the hose, painting film covering for the protection of the hose.
C.Transport and storage requirements for hose and hose assemblies:
  • Hose transportation, handling should be handled with care, should not drag on the surface of sharp and rough, which should not be subjected to bending and flattening.
  • In storage, especially in long-term storage, storage conditions shall provide the best protection and minimal damage to the hose or hose assemblies.
  • Hose or hose assemblies should be stored in the storage period as short as possible, if not to avoid long-term storage, the product should be inspected and tested before use.During the storage, the storage temperature should be 0℃ to 35℃ ., preferably at about 15℃ , the best relative humidity should not exceed 65%. during storage, the temperature should not exceed 50℃and lower than -30℃ , also should not have abnormal fluctuations. Should be storedin the dark from artificial sunlight and strong light source, such as fruit storage inside have a window or an opening with a glass, should use red, orange or white shield covering.
  • The storage site should not produce ozone, heat, electromagnetic equipment. Disc hose or hose assembly volume should be placed in storage, stacking height should be limited at the bottom of the product does not produce permanent deformation degree, do not recommend hose hanging on the dowel pin.
  • If the hose and hose assemblies are to be stored or used at temperatures below freezing point, it is necessary to preheat the hose and hose assemblies before use.
D.Requirements for using hose:
  • The pressure(including the impulse pressure)filled in the hose must not be exceeded the max working pressure;
  • Hose can not be used under the temperature not stipulated or suggested including the conveyable matter’s temperature and environment temperature;
  • Hose can not be used under the bend radius that is smaller than min bend radius stipuated or suggested,or it will block the matter passing,and reduce the hose useful life.The hose should be precent from twisting or warping around the connection part,because the bending for this part will damage the reinforcement,as a result,the hose will be damaged quickly;
  • The hose can not be used when it is twisted;
  • The edge of hose fitting should be smooth;the size of mandril,sleeve or other accessory must be in confirmed.Less or more control of assembling power will also damage the assembly;
  • There is a limited life for hose,please check and change it regularly.
  • Hydraulic hose assemblies for use for a long time, damage, wear or buckling, improper installation, or removal of existing blasting hose joint shifting of the dangers of its power,serious word cause property damage, personal injury, or even death, can not be ignored.